Understand 5x the number of devices on your network – safely

The only AI-Enabled Active Device Vulnerability Scanner

Current vulnerability scanners miss or mis-identify almost 80% of devices – ESPECIALLY IoT.

Our AI won’t allow impact to network or device performance

Active AI-Enabled Device CVE Assessment

Detecting your Device
Vulnerabilities before
Hackers Do

Hackers use active AI and so should you. That’s why we built the only (active) scanner that uses AI to accurately identify all devices and their vulnerabilities, plus self-calibrate bandwidth usage to NEVER interfere with network/device performance. All the accuracy and detail of an active scan with no agent, no hardware, no network disruption, and no need for continuous tuning and administrative overhead.

We built Suavei to address 3 fundamental issues in other vulnerability scanning products:

We Solve These 3 Fundamental Problems

Device Accuracy

Other products don’t identify devices accurately and reliably

Network Performance

They can’t handle slow network environments (e.g. wireless)

Device Adaptability

Cannot be trusted with sensitive devices (medical, IoT)

Securing Your Network Devices – safely

What makes Our
Product Right for You

Customers must trust our internet facing virtual appliance to test, or it could be a huge headwind to selling PoC’s and closing business.
1) 80% of the devices are being missed or mis-identified even after using expensive, big brand, scanning products like Qualys, Tenable, Rapid7
2) The number of network devices is exploding (especially IoT) so the 80% miss is not sustainable
3) We identify ALL devices (especially IoT) politely, accurately and reliably
4) High efficacy even in slow and unpredictable network environments (e.g., WiFi, cellular)
5) Cannot trust scanners with sensitive devices (e.g., medical, IoT)
7) Hard to protect missed devices – unnecessarily increases the risk of disruption or shutdown of normal business operations

Accordion Content

Differentiating Value

Suavei is Unique

Let Suavei help you drive down the cost of securing your network devices; scan more devices without increasing spend: more devices with more accuracy

Deep Learning techniques

Suavei uses the same Deep Learning techniques that self-driving cars use, but to identify and navigate network-connected devices.

AI Adaptation

The Suavei platform actively scans all devices attached to a network, correctly identifies them, self-calibrates and continuously improves using AI.

Self-optimizing bandwidth
Besides using AI for device identification, we use it to self-optimize bandwidth usage making it the only option for automated assessment of devices on low bandwidth and/or high latency networks.

You will understand 5x the number of devices connected to your network – especially IoT devices!


Hackers are smart, we’re smarter

It’s no secret that current device vulnerability scanners miss or mis-identify over 50% of the devices connected to your network, especially IoT and other wireless devices. Why? Because they were architected years ago to rely on signature and behavioral methods of identification, or they are simply not allowed to scan large portions of the network due to network disruption concerns. Suavei is unique and smarter. Why? Because it’s built from the ground floor up around an Active AI Discovery Engine. It delivers all the accuracy, speed and detail of an active scan, without impeding network or device performance. No bandwidth issues. Imagine being able to see detailed configurations on every single device connected to your network, and how that intelligence could increase the efficacy of your security investments. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not and we can Prove It!


  • Clearly understand 5x the number of devices on your network @ lower cost
  • AI Adapting, self-tuning network navigation with low maintenance
  • Ideal for IoT and other wireless devices

IoT Device Security

Perfect for IoT Device Security

According to informatech (May 2021), 90% of Enterprises state that IoT was core to their digital transformation plans. No wonder the quantity of these devices is growing rapidly, along with the number of weaponized exploits. In addition, these devices are normally connected to the network via WiFi or cellular connections that are commonly slow, weak and unreliable – making them especially challenging to ID accurately and safely. IoT devices are ‘un-agentable’ and traditional active scans would knock them over anyway. Passive scans are ineffective because they can only see devices where the network traffic is redirected to them. Suavei’s unique AI-enable ACTIVE network discovery technology solves all these problems making it perfect for IoT devices.

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